Submit a Fraudster to the Internet Swindlers Database

Were you financially harmed by someone you met on the Internet through a dating site or chat room or through a fraudulent auction transaction?  Do you want to make sure other people aren't harmed by this person the same way?  Do you want to find out if this person has harmed others and possibly obtain information that might be used to charge him or her criminally?  Then enter all the information you have about the person in the Internet Swindlers Database below.

The Internet Swindlers Database is a proprietary database that contains the names, e-mails, screen names, addresses, physical description, etc. of people who repeatedly take advantage of others via the Internet.  Although most people in the database were sweetheart scammers, some are people who took money through phony investment scams, auction sites and deceptive business offerings. 

                                      YOU CAN SEARCH THE INTERNET SWINDLERS DATABASE

Full database records are not viewable on the Internet in order to protect the subjects from erroneous claims.  However, you may search the database using eight criteria and view the partial results.  The results will provide sufficient information to help you determine whether or not the person you are searching for is in the database.  If the person is in the database, you can contact CUFF to review the full record (without victim contact information) and photo, if available.  


 Provide as much detail as possible in all the fields.  When someone searches the database, they will not be able to see the name or screen
 names of your fraudster.  The purpose of this is to protect innocent people who may have been submitted fraudulently with intent to harm.  Therefore, it is important that you give enough information about the fraudster to make it possible for another victim to recognize the fraudster as someone who also defrauded them.  If they suspect their fraudster is in the database, they may e-mail CUFF to view the full record that shows all the information entered except your contact information.  If they determine that the person you entered also defrauded them, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to collaborate with the other victim.

 Note: If you do not enter data in a field, leave the default "?".  If you remove the "?" and leave the field blank, the subject 
 cannot be searched until the next update.  If you leave the "?", the subject can be searched immediately after submission.

  Entry Purpose  
 Name   Alias may be used        Contact E-Mail   
 City, State/Province, Country    
       FRAUDSTER'S DATA      
 Names Used    
 If you know the current address and phone numbers for the fraudster, enter the information below.  
 Street Address: City:  
 State/Province:    Country Phones:
  Gender:                     Race:        Age: (Between ? and ?)  
Spelling of States & Provinces
 IP Addresses in e-mail headers:  
 Messages in Subject Line:  
 Screen Names 
 Addresses provided in fraudster's contact information to you, including his current address.
 Street City State/Province

 Countries Phones:
  Have you filed a police report? Yes    No     
  If the police are investigating, what is the jurisdiction?  
  Where did you meet the subject?  
  In what month and year did you meet the subject: Enter as 00/0000
  How long did the relationship last? What was your relationship to the fraudster:
  Were you physically harmed by the subject?  Yes   No 
  Do you know of other victims of this fraudster?  Yes   No 
  Was the money you gave the fraudster a loan?  Yes   No     If yes, has any of the money been repaid? Yes   No     
  (1) For what reasons did you loan or give 
        money to the subject?  
  (2) Include any relevant details about the 
       fraud that you have not already stated
You acknowledge that all the information you are submitting is correct to the best of your knowledge 
and that you are not entering someone in the database who you know is innocent of any wrongdoing.
                                                   Upload a Fraudster's Photo   

   You can upload a photo after you submit this form or you can also return to this form and click
Upload a Photo at any time.
   You can also e-mail the photo as a jpg or gif attachment to:   Include in the e-mail your name and the
   the fraudster's ID Number that will be displayed on the confirmation page after you submit this form.

   Do not enter data in this field. If you submit a photo, this field will be replaced with your fraudster's photo.